The Academy of Magic is: Innovation, Collaboration & Perspiration

The Academy is about embracing the digital era of magic. We have a huge amount of amazing technology at our fingertips which only a few people seem to be utilising to further our art. This is what The Academy is all about. We've developed loads of technology that could really benefit the learning process. But we have a long way to go! We've built it, now YOU need to help take it to the next level!

We feel the time is right to bring the various online elements of magic together, to create a central learning platform and standardised teaching method. Sounds like a big job? Well yes it is! And we don't expect it to happen quickly, but the more help we can get the better!

Please take the time to read what we're up to and we look forward to you becoming part of our revolution!


We've spent two years building the technology to make The Academy work. Here's are just SOME of the things it can do...


Watch lectures live online from anywhere in the world. Just tune in from your desktop. Interact live with the lecturer, allowing you to learn magic from world class magicians, who you may otherwise never get to see, from the comfort of your own home. Laziness? NO! This is about using technology to bring quality tuition to those that currently only know a small (and let's say "heavily maketing driven") section of the magic industry.

You can even run your own online lecture at your magic club - it's really easy to do and gives huge opportunities to local, up-and-coming magicians.


This is the most secure way of distributing magic videos in the world! If videos can't be copied then they can't be fileshared. Secure streamed video and video watermarking means it's pretty much impossible to steal any video - which means the creators don't lose out and ultimately the quality of the content of tutorial videos will improve.

Imagine if EVERY magic video had that protection... That's exactly what we're planning.


Watch & pay for just the parts of a video that you want to see. Say you want to research 'the pass'. You could browse and watch parts of multiple videos on this move - only paying for the parts that you watch. This means you're learning what you want to learn. Direct. Effective. Cheap.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could browse every magic video available...? Yeh, that's exactly what we're planning.

This really isn't all that we can do. There are many other aspects we are looking to build in, with one goal:
protecting & furthering the art of magic


Collaboration & sharing have always been so important to magic...

Take any of the 'names' that we admire today and consider how they got to the possition they are at. Very few of them got to where they are without the shared work of those that came before them. We're not advocating open access to magic. Not at all! But we are trying to create something which goes beyond the learning methods currently available.
Most people agree that magic is getting too easy to access - and yes, in a sense this would make it even easier - but currently the information is there to find online anyway. While centralizing it makes it easier to find what you're looking for - it also means that you are able to access a much wider amount of tutorial content and therefore learn much more effectively.

Take 'Peter' who has just gone on the interweb to find out how David Blaine performed his latest trick and he comes across one of the high ranking web stores, who happen to be marketing the product. Peter happily pays $30 for the DVD, learns the secret, maybe buys another and then another and gets hooked. But he knows nothing of the basics of magic. No key basic sleights or technical theory.

So what if Peter came across The Academy - he would learn what he wanted to learn - but also would have the ability to learn several variations, from a host of different magicians, all for the same price. He's getting a much wider eduction on his original interest and will come out the better for it.


We want to bring together all the big players in the magic world. Production companies, online magic shops, respected teachers, magic theorists & creators to collaborate right here on The Academy. With these people on board we can create a definitive library of magic tutorial videos, discover the most effective way to teach magic & ensure the best future for those starting to learn.

This really isn't as daunting a prospect as is may seem at first. And what's more there is a lot YOU can do.

  • Sharing Is CaringTell your friends on Facebook & Twitter about us. The more people that know about what we're trying to do the more chance we have of getting the relevant people on board.
  • Help us tell MORE people...If you know someone that knows someone who runs a video production company, is a creator of magic or a respected teacher - then tell them about us! There are PDFs to the right here that are full of more detailed info.
  • DonateUnfortunately, we have to say it - this is not going to be a cheap venture. We've already spent a lot of time and money developing the technology - but to take this project to a workable next level we could do with some financial assistance. If you can help us, please do.